B.J Penn/Georges St. Pierre Post Fight Investigation

February 5, 2009

The Too Old crew is all about fighting.  We beef because we care.  So it is without a doubt that we had the Twin TV set-up fired up to watch the UFC fights.  I was in the minority, as I was pulling for B.J. Penn.  Erik liked GSP because he is Canadian (take that however you will) and Jason backed him because he floats both ways (as my grandfather like to say he is light in the loafers…jk, jk, but funny nonetheless) and he was upset that Penn didn’t come into the weigh-in talking the same amount of trash as he did earlier in the training sessions.

I was obviously disappointed with the outcome.  It seemed all the maneuvers that Penn has used to finish all the other fights were ineffective against GSP.

I still need that to write....could you please let go?

I still need that to write....could you please let go?

The first round was a decent back and forth affair with Penn establishing good defense and good movement and GSP showing good aggression and good takedown attempts.  The successive rounds were all GSP, as he took Penn down several times and exhibited the classic Ground and Pound strategy.

No one has my back???? Nobody has the flying Hawaiians back?

It now seems that there was a reason the Brazilian jiujitsu was not working on this evening.  According to the LA Times…

B.J. Penn was defeated by Georges St-Pierre in their Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight title fight Saturday, but the fighter wants the Nevada State Athletic Commission to launch a “comprehensive investigation and review of the activities involving and relating to [St-Pierre] prior to and during the bout.”

The demand came in a letter that  Penn’s attorney wrote to Keith Kizer, the Nevada commission’s executive director, on Wednesday.

During the fight, Penn had complained to a Nevada inspector that St-Pierre was too slippery to hold. After two rounds, state officials ordered St-Pierre’s corner to wipe down their fighter’s back with a towel to remove what appeared to be petroleum jelly.

During the fight, St-Pierre kept the lightweight champion Penn from using his specialty (Brazilian jiujitsu) to gain an advantage with a wrestling-style attack. St-Pierre, meanwhile, pounded Penn with his fists and elbows, prompting a ringside doctor to stop the fight before the fifth round started.

“It is necessary that an environment exists without any illegally applied lubricants, oils or other substances that cause or result in slippery surfaces on the combatants,” Penn’s attorney, Raffi A. Nahabedian, wrote in a three-page letter to Kizer. “First, such products are illegal … Second, such activities bring disrepute to the sport of MMA …”

“By lubricating GSP’s body, a highly slippery surface was created that completely neutralized an innocent participant’s abilities and strategy … Mr. Penn’s … Brazilian jiujitsu [was] rendered useless … This illegal situation made it impossible for Mr. Penn to defend himself and unfairly exposed Mr. Penn to GSP’s ‘ground and pound’ strategy.”

Nahabedian’s letter said that Penn was put in a “life-threatening and career-ending environment” that the commission was supposed to prevent.

“All Mr. Penn wanted to have is a fair and just bout and he continues to seek a fair and just encounter against Georges St-Pierre,” Nahabedian wrote.

Neither Penn nor St-Pierre was immediately available to comment on the letter. But Penn’s attorney said that a formal complaint will be made to the commission by Tuesday.

Kizer, the Nevada commission executive, was not immediately available to comment on the letter.

— Lance Pugmire

Not really sure what they could do about this, but the fight seemed out of whack from what we have seen from B.J. Penn.  What we can do about Erik and Jason?  God only knows….

2 Responses to “B.J Penn/Georges St. Pierre Post Fight Investigation”

  1. Erik said

    Shocker. BJ Penn gets his ass handed to him and doesn’t have the sack to just recognize he got beat. Maybe if he trained every day like GSP instead of lounging around the islands his BJJ game would have been more on point. All sorts of things can make dudes seem “slippery.” Sweat, Blood, Water getting dumped on you by your corner-man…this all just sounds like a sore loser acting like a bitch.

  2. Steve said

    I knew that Erik would be up in arms about his idol.

    You really don’t sweat that much in the beginning of a fight. He didn’t come out with that sweat sheen, like a boxer who warms up.

    Why do you deny that your man was cheating in the face of him being sent back to his corner by the ref to wipe off the illegal substance?

    Water is not slippery and while blood is, who was bleeding enough for that to be an issue?


    maybe you should take some of your own advice about “training”…if you know what I mean

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