I Love ME some ME! T.O. does it again

January 26, 2009

What you got on DeeBos popcorn?

What you got on DeeBo's popcorn?

We here at Too Old joke about that Erik is about about himself.  When T.O. said this comment, all we could think about was Erik.

Terrell Owens is clearly about himself.

Here is what the Cowboys blogwriters at the Dallas Morning News had to say about T.O. and his “love of the game.” Because, what fan doesn’t want the star player on the team to be willing to play for nothing?

T.O. said he could see himself playing for another three to five seasons. He’ll turn 34 in December, but he’s a fitness freak who definitely doesn’t look his age. But he doesn’t expect to play into his 40s like former 49ers teammate Jerry Rice.

“Jerry had a unique and uncanny love for the game,” T.O. said. “That, that’s the difference between he and I. He grew up with that football mentality and that was his dream. As far as for me, it’s something I fell into. I’m very athletic. I’m able to do a lot of things. I’m very competitive, so that’s pretty much my drive.”

T.O.’s first love is still himself, as his famous “I love me some me” quote indicated. His love for the game is directly related to the love he gets from his coaches and quarterback.

“They’re giving me those opportunities,” T.O. said. “That’s all I ever wanted last year. I think I mentioned that when I said, ‘Why did you bring me here?'”

We’re seeing why Jerry brought T.O. to Valley Ranch, and it sounds like it’s something we ought to get used to.

Now T.O. needs to have the spotlight all to himself

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Monday, January 26, 2009
Owens to star in reality show

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