Face Stompers: When to kick someone’s ARSE

January 25, 2009

Can’t believe I really watched this. Then I didn’t see something else after it happened. Where I’m from someone would have gotten their BUTT-KICKED. They would not have made it home. See for yourself. Maybe we are from the same place. Let me know?

So? We from the same hood or what?

At 2-5 in the Pac-10, Arizona itself might be a bit of a doormat, but that doesn’t make it OK to just go around and wipe your feet on Chase Budinger’s face.

That’s what Houston’s Aubrey Coleman did to Budinger yesterday, and while I can’t say for sure that I know the man’s intent, you know, he did stomp on a guy’s face, showed no signs of offering any kind of apology, and smiled while receiving a congratulatory “Hey, way to step on that guy’s face!” high-five on his way off the floor. To me, that’s unsportsmanlike.

Arizona went on to win 96-90 in overtime, despite the fact that Houston led 63-51 at the time of the face-stomping.

All I keep thinking is what is Chase Budinger gonna tell his girl or worse his children. How didn’t he just wipe the floor with Aubrey Coleman? Or how didn’t his boys do the same. I take face-somping an affront to my manhood even if it happens to one of my boys. Arms should have just been swinging. It would have been automatic. In fact I’m offended that Chase/Arizona is in the same conference as my alma mater.

ON THE OTHER HAND. that was kinda sly the way Aubrey timed his stomp to the face perfectly without looking. This way clearing himself for intent to do harm. Or the way he and his boys were high fiving each other after it happened.

Now I’m torn. But all I know is it’s maybe the one time the score doesn’t matter.

One Response to “Face Stompers: When to kick someone’s ARSE”

  1. Steve said

    You know where I am from… the Richtown baby!

    Yes, we would be fighting. Is it right? no. But, I am only human and the non apology and the casual walkaway would have gotten the fire started…

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