E’s song of the day

January 16, 2009

I’m about to roll into the city to hit up my first paid study group, but I’ll drop today’s song on you right quick before I hit the BART station.  It’s looking pretty nice outside, but I’ll still be rocking my new shirt and tie look, for the ladies.  In the spirit of this nice weather we’re enjoying in January and to follow Steve’s suggestion to embrace the Confucian way and not sweat the bullshit, I thought of this song.   Today’s jam is actually two songs in one.  The first, a cover of  a popular U2 song and the second, a Lou Reed track with a similar message, both sung by one of my Norwegian brethren and the winner of the World Idol competition (this dude took Kelly Clarkson to the cleaners).  The song of today:  Kurt Nilsen with a combo of  “Beautiful Day” and “Perfect Day.”  Enjoy…

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