President Obama ends don’t ask, don’t tell

January 15, 2009

For those of you at home keeping score that would be Obama 1 Confluence/Gary ChapelHill 0 (going for a Prairie View A&M style streak in football)

I love the fact that blogs like this can only look back wistfully can complain about what didn’t happen, instead of looking for ways to make the current situation better. They are Clinton Zombies, only able to repeat small refrains about the lost election or criticize the almost current cabinet, without providing solutions. That type of thinking never provides results.

Hey Gary, now you can fight for Obama and the Country!

Hey Gary, now you can fight for Obama and the Country!

President Obama will end the 15-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that has prevented homosexual and bisexual men and women from serving openly within the U.S. military, a spokesman for the president-elect said.

Obama said during the campaign that he opposed the policy, but since his election in November he has made statements that have been interpreted as backpedaling. On Friday, however, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, responding on the transition team’s Web site to a Michigan resident who asked if the new administration planned to get rid of the policy, said:

“You don’t hear politicians give a one-word answer much. But it’s ‘Yes.’ “

So, Confluence and in particular Gary, what do you you have to say about this? This was in the works for weeks and I purposely waited to blog about this because I wanted to see your response and the way that that they blogged about the event.  I held this one UNTIL you blogged.  What is unclear about this one word Gary?  YES, as well as YES WE CAN.  You can’t because you have been left behind, like you always have with your political choices.  Face it Gary, Obama supporters have adapted to what the political field held.  You can’t be stuck in the 60’s and run the veer offense.

You have to dress up the offense and be willing to run the spread or the wildcat.

Of course, their answer is to attempt to deal with things that are not entirely relevant. Gary decides to deal with the outgoing president and how the press is dealing with not having their favorite guy to kick around. I mean, Gary, you are all heated up about Prop 8, but when the military industrial complex allows gay men and women to kill for the protection of profits and the American way of life, what more do you have to complain about? Just think, Gays can now kill with impunity and beat and mistreat others as well! In the words of soon to be former president George W. Bush, “Mission Accomplished”

The little-noticed response, made in a video posted on, made barely a ripple outside blogs focused on the gay community, but that’s not surprising, said those who have been pushing to overturn the ban. Not only was Obama’s position expected, they said, but support for reviewing or repealing the policy has grown markedly in recent years, including some from unexpected quarters.

So Gary, why didn’t YOU expect it?  Proabaly because you are too busy either throwing a pity party, or having your childish tantrum…either way, grow up

One Response to “President Obama ends don’t ask, don’t tell”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Obama’s war is gonna be fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 32K troops will be increased to 60K. So Gays shouldn’t be too happy. The military just needs bodies. Expect a surge of gay enlistments. Army will be happy with about 28K new Gays.

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