University of Texas and Mack Brown are fraudulent hucksters

January 8, 2009

You know the Too Old crew would watch the football game last night.  The Fiesta Bowl paired two tragically flawed teams into battle in the desert. The University of Texas beat THE Ohio State University.

the only time UT has actually looked any good.  HOOK HER with my HORN! or whatever the saying is...

the only time UT has actually looked any good. HOOK HER with my HORN! or whatever the saying is...

The game isn’t really where I have the problem, its the pandering that happened after the game.

“I don’t think there’s anybody in the country who can beat us at this point,” McCoy said.

Really?  I think that the game actually exposed the fact that you SHOULD NOT BE CLOSE to Number One, unless you buy a ticket to the game.  Ohio State SHOULD HAVE BEATEN YOU.  It took a 4th down play that was too close to call and blown coverage for you to squeak this out.  You were exposed for having ZERO running game when it matters to get the tough yard.  You were also exposed for having a paper thin offensive line.  Who knew that the racist Buck Burdette, would have been so important to the teams success?

Texas, you would get boatraced by Utah.  You could not stay with Florida.  USC would do unspeakable things to you and I am not a USC fan.  IF the OSU defense put a Busta Rhymes on you and “Kept you all in check” what makes you think in your right mind that they wouldnt just pimp slap you like Katt Williams, who just got the treatment?

Mack Brown, dont think that I forgot about your pandering to the voters that screwed CAL out of a BCS game, but your statement to vote for your own team shows that you should not have a vote anymore.  The USA TODAY reports…

Brown said he’ll be voting for his Texas team in the USA TODAY coaches poll.

“I wasn’t sure before, but Friday morning I’m going to vote Texas No. 1 because I think this is the best team in the country,” Brown said after Texas squeaked past Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.

We’ll let others debate the big-picture value of a last-minute victory against the Buckeyes, but here’s the thing:  If Mack is willing to go against the grain and vote his Longhorns No. 1 now, why didn’t he do it when it could have helped his team?

As the Fort Worth Star-Telegram notes, Brown voted Florida No. 1 in the final regular-season poll, and that helped the Gators get to No. 2 in the BCS standings.  If Brown truly feels he has America’s best team, he should have voted that way back when they still could have gone to the BCS championship game.

Brown’s vote also would be contrary to the agreement the American Football Coaches Association has with voters in the poll.  As AFCA executive director Grant Teaff reminded on Sunday:  “This poll is not, since 1998, to select the national champion. The winner of the (BCS championship) game is the winner of the (BCS) trophy. Which means the coaches do not vote for No. 1, they vote for No. 2 down.”

Also, Brown should know his vote is due Thursday night, right after the game, not Friday morning.

So, when it really mattered, you didnt have the stones to vote for your team, since everyone knew that to do so, would be accepting the scarlet letter of a cheater.  Your protest vote is meaningless and makes your vote stand out for how unethical you really are.  You vote your team above Utah, a team that has not lost a game and beat a former #1 in Alabama?  C’mon now…

I wouldnt have you honestly in the top 5.  It would be the winner of the BCS Championship game, Utah, USC, Florida if they are the loser.  Penn State, Alabama are all about equal with Texas.  You can sort them out later, but its clear that the Longhorns ARE NOT number one.

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