Pimp Down! Katt Williams gets the “working girl” treatment

January 8, 2009

Pimp Down! Money Mike got bitch slapped! Code 10-32!

Pimp Down! Money Mike got bitch slapped! Code 10-32!

Sometimes things build up and you feel like you are powerless to stop them.  We have all been there in life.  If you have not, then consider yourself lucky.  We have all needed our firends, partners, or homies to “chin-check” us to get us back on our hustle.

Just like Superman, we all have our Kyptonite

Get that Green SHIT off me!

Get that Green SHIT off me!

We need a helping hand to reach out and solve some of our issues for us.  Katt Williams looks like he needed some help and here is hoping that he got it.  The first issue happened awhile ago and we didn’t blog on it, but it seems as though it is relevant now.  That nigga Katt went crazy for a hot minute it looks like.

After a series of missed gigs, an arrest on a gun charge and weeks of troubling rumors about bizarre behavior, a spokesperson for comedian Katt Williams announced on Sunday that the “Norbit” co-star has sought a doctor’s help.

“Following an arduous 300 shows and an 18-month touring schedule that left him incredibly fatigued, Katt, a veteran of MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ felt compelled to be with his family in an effort to deal with his stress,” read a statement from Yvette Shearer. “While doing so, he is under a doctor’s care.”

According to the South Carolina paper the Sumter Item, the hospitalization came after family members concerned about Williams’ behavior confronted the comedian following a run-in with police in Sumter on Friday. The paper reported that Sumter police received a call Friday morning about suspicious behavior by Williams, 35, who was attempting to book a room at the Mount Vernon Inn.

An officer told the paper that around 8:30 a.m., police received a call from hotel employees, who said they became suspicious when Williams tried to rent a hotel room while dressed in a bathrobe, with a towel wrapped around his head. Police responded to the scene, spoke to Williams, determined there was no criminal activity and left.

Local station WIS-TV has posted a video of a confused-looking Williams trying to check into the hotel, searching his pockets for ID and squatting by the door after the clerk informs him that his traveling companion will have to take responsibility for the room.

The newspaper reported that Williams then walked several blocks to the office of local attorney Garryl Deas and told the lawyer that the police were “attempting to violate his rights” and that he was interested in hiring Deas to represent him. Deas said he had a pleasant conversation with Williams, who described his entertainment career to the lawyer, mentioning that some people thought he was missing recently due to a series of skipped gigs, including a no-show at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, a missed “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” appearance and an arrest on November 6 on gun charges. Williams was also recently the subject of a rumor that he had died in a plane crash.

Deas reportedly told Williams he had to leave for court and invited the comedian to hang out in the meantime, which Williams did. When Deas returned an hour later, he said Williams’ demeanor had gone from “alive and in color” to “a little bit troubled” and “disoriented.” Shortly after, family and friends arrived to try to persuade Williams to go to a hospital for a mental evaluation, according to the paper. Shearer would not comment on Williams’ condition beyond the statement.

Deas said a confused Williams resisted their pleas, said he “doesn’t trust anyone anymore” and that “everyone has turned against him,” and began speaking “in gibberish.” It’s unclear from the story if Williams was committed against his will and what his current status is, though it appeared that he was transported to the Tuomey Regional Medical Center on Friday.

Williams has announced plans to retire after a New Year’s Eve show in Detroit. He is also scheduled to appear at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on November 20, though it is unclear if that gig will go off as planned.

Because Katt got that time off, he made the Ceasers NYE show.  By accounts that I have heard, the show was hilarious. Now comes the news that its not just jokes anymore, niggas are getting their feelings hurt.  According to HipHopRx

Let us pray the Pimps Prayer. Lord, please pray for the soul of this bitch and guide my pimp hand and make it strong, Lord, so that she might learn a hoes place. Amen.“Let us pray the Pimp’s Prayer. Lord, please pray for the soul of this bitch and guide my pimp hand and make it strong, Lord, so that she might learn a hoe’s place. Amen.”

Reportedly, comedian Katt Williams, 37, was slapped on Saturday night at a nightclub in Detroit where he was performing after picking out an audience member which happened to be a man in the audience who wore a cowboy hat and matching boots. According to reports, Katt Williams started joking about the man which made him angry enough to eventually walk up to the pint sized comedian and slapping him across the face.

Whether or not this was a stunt or not, has everyone beat. But reportedly after the show Katt Williams sat in a corner smoking on a cig and was asked by concerned patrons was he ok.

“Hell naw… I ain’t alright! Didn’t you just see that n*gga slap me!?” comedian is said to have stated.

The comedian is also stated to not have had an entourage with him at the time which possibly would have warded off the angry wannabe cowboy.

MTO is reporting that the dude was from the projects,

Jefferies Housing Projects in Detroit

Jefferies Housing Projects in Detroit

yet had on 5,000 dollar gator boots. 

One might ask why, but you would already know the answer…because we are trifiling…

Vibe Magazine tracked the dude down to ask him what the hell happened…

According to him, he came to the club following a high school cabaret.

“I was probably with like 16, 17 dudes, we were scattered out throughout the club,” the anonymous man, who lives in Detroit’s Jeffrey Projects, said. “Basically we were just up in there having a good time.”

Williams passed the man, who was wearing a cowboy outfit consisting of a pair of “$5,000 gator boots,” as he headed to the stage. When Williams took the microphone and begin to freestyle, things turned ugly.

“I wasn’t even paying attention,” the man says. “I was talking to someone else while he was doing it. And then he pointed at me. I walked over to a couple of friends of mine, and they told me, ‘He’s clowning you.’

So I walked over there and asked [Katt], ‘So what you say? I don’t play that joke sh*t.’ So he was like, ‘And what?’ He didn’t even admit what he said when I asked him.”

The man said he proceeded to pimp slap the pint-sized star of “The Pimp Chronicles,” who was recently hospitalized in South Carolina for a mental evaluation.

“He was still on some comedy stuff after I slapped him, I swear,” the man says baffled. “After I slapped him, he jumped back and he was still talking and it was some girls holding him back. It was actually some girls in the club grabbing bottles like they wanted to do something to me too, like trying to protect him. He stopped and actually grabbed a square and was trying to light his cigarette. It was on some comedy stuff to me. He was trying to get his square lit, he took like two puffs, and he tried to charge back at me. But at this time, the security was heading me towards the door.”

Dude, really?  Its all jokes man.  It doesn’t have to get that serious…Try less fighting and more getting your people out the hood…

Mr. Hand of God continues to speak about what happened and gives his rebuttal to what Katt said on the radio…

The next day on Detroit’s radio station WJLB, Williams told radio host Dr. Darrius the man slapped him in an attempt to steal his jewelry.

“We weren’t trying to get his jewelry,” the man says. “I wasn’t that drunk to not know what was going on. [Katt] told like 20 percent of the truth [on the radio]. I could understand if we were at a comedy club, or some shit like that, but we weren’t there for that. It was after-hours, niggas was drunk, feeling it, we wasn’t there for that. It wasn’t no comedy show we were at. He’s mad because my guy was looking more pimpish than him.”

After the altercation, a club patron asked Williams if he was okay. “Hell naw I ain’t alright, didn’t you just see that nigga slap me?!” he reportedly quipped.

The “pimp slapper,” in hindsight, says that even though Williams is “a funny dude” who he doesn’t have any personal problems with, he wouldn’t hesitate to show him the hand of god again if he stepped out of line.

“I’d do it again if he say something like that,” he says nonchalant. “And if I meet him, and he don’t do nothing like that, he on some old friendly buddy-buddy shit, I’m buddy-buddy too. I don’t have no problem. But if he got a problem next time we see each other…”

One Response to “Pimp Down! Katt Williams gets the “working girl” treatment”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    A Slap can be worse than anything. Humiliating, eye opening,and painful, among others. This is why pimps use it on their prey. Katt should know this.Isn’t he supposed to be some 5ft. pimp or something?
    BTW,$5,000 Gator Boots???

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