Oscar Grant R.I.P.

January 7, 2009

What the Hell happened on New Years Eve. I just saw this video of Oscar Grant being shot in the back by (BART) Bay Area Rapid Transit Police. I can’t believe what I just saw…

I heard about the shooting but I had no idea how deliberate the act was. The media lied to me. Thank GOD for Cell phones.  I’m left just angry and  speechless. But with lots of questions.

I’m gonna assume the Cop did not try to do this. Naive?… maybe. But what is one to think. With that said how did the Copper not immediately call for 911. How about uncuff Oscar and try to save his life. What was he thinking? Cover up? There are even pictures of him confiscating cell phones afterward.  See for yourself. At about 7′ min mark.

Heck watch the whole video because I’m speechless.

And watch your back.

Especially if you’re BLACK.

3 Responses to “Oscar Grant R.I.P.”

  1. Nathan said

    Fruitvale station was shut down today on account of the protesting. This dude’s gonna go down.

  2. Erik said

    Jesus titty-fucking Christ! I read an article about this on google news a little bit ago but hadn’t seen the video until this post. Unreal…

  3. Steve said

    Video didn’t help Rodney King, I don’t know why it will help Oscar Grant. I would say that I am shocked, but I am too callous so events like this DON’T shock me. R.I.P. Oscar

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