HO, HO, HO…No little children, it’s not Santa, just another tired HOE looking for 15 more minutes of fame

December 24, 2008

To all of our faithful readers out there in cyberspace, happy holidays. You might have missed us, but we miss you more. One particular commenter noticed that I have not made a post in a while. Unlike some of the Too Old crew, I have been working double duty and some cases triple duty this holiday season. Niggas are losing their jobs, and it’s not the economy, it’s that I have been collecting them to make extra scratch! Not only am I working the regular grind teaching, but I am trying to get my hustle on at Santa Clara, and I am coaching womens basketball. With time constraints like that, coupled with the simple challenge of living and trying to have a little fun, something has got to give and it has been my posting.

Well, I am back to attempt to moisturize my situation and make things right in cyberspace. A little sports tidbit came out that mentioned Jermaine O’Neal slapped Karrine Steffans on the azz. Many of you know this woman. You might not know the name, but maybe the face rings a bell…

No, the one of the right is Halle Berry, and you know how we feel about her here. We love you Halle! In the middle is HBO’s latest playa, Bill Maher. Politically Incorrect was funny until 09/11/2001, when you couldn’t make jokes about the government anymore. On the left, is the infamous Karrine Steffans. If you didn’t know the name, you might know her by her other moniker, Superhead.

link is here too

Normally nicknames are to be earned. We frown on self promotion or gloss. But, in this case, it is deserved.

Now, doing porn doesn’t make you famous or good at what you do. In this case, I would have to agree that the moniker is well deserved. Here is a link to show her at her best (WARNING! If you couldn’t tell, this link will take you to a video that is ADULT in nature. THIS IS NOT A WORK APPROPRIATE VIDEO! Consider yourself warned…) http://www.empflix.com/view.php?id=19645

Now, for another test. (Take a break if you need to clean yourself up…) What is the difference between these two ladies?

Give up? Well they both are famous because of a leaked sex tape, but only one has a future in the activity. (Editor’s note… Making a porn doesn’t make you news. Does anyone remember A Night in Paris?

My point exactly.) Sometimes doing the porn only exposes you for who you really are… Paris, you are rich BECAUSE OF YOUR PARENTS. We would not have cared about your porn, if you didn’t have the Hilton name. You would be some random attractive blond girl who is actually not that good in the sack.

Some of us here are ga-ga over Kim K, but I really don’t see it. I think that she is clearly attractive and has a great backside, but really, what else is she bringing to the table? Okay, the magic box enthralled and got Reggie caught up in the rapture. Thanks Kim, you have wrecked many a man (and some women) fantasy team with the voodoo you placed on Reggie. Maybe the box was so good that Reggie got weak in the knees and they couldn’t withstand the brutality of the sport. But, whatever the reason, your man stunk this year at the game of football. Outside of the attachment to Reggie, what are you good for? Your show is a joke and the fact that you are pimping yourself out must make your dear old dad roll over in the grave. (R.I.P. O.J. Lawyer….if you were still with us Robert, OJ would not be in the predicament that he currently finds himself in right now.) I had to even watch an episode when you pimp out Bruce Jenner, since he is tapping your mom now.

At least Karrine has street smarts. Her business is already in the streets. Do you really think that stupid rappers and athletes are going to keep the tryst a secret? Heeeaaalllll nah! They are going to tell a friend and they mommas friend and so on. At that point, what does your silence get you? We are still going to think the same of you.

One, we think that you get around, like a Tupac song (hint, hint E?)

here as well

Two, we would love to tap that…

Three, make sure we wear a double strength condom (On a separate note, why hasn’t someone capitalized on that? Bagman! The double strength condom, for when you are not sure who make times she has been around the block! Now with two ply for extra protection!)

Now, here is where I am going to be guilty of the double standard Karrine. I am fine with you making and selling a porn (you too Kim, although Ray J really pimped you in that one…since he produced it and you HAD to go along with it. In fact, you got more cred doing the video than for anything else, like your girl Paris.) and the fact that you have written two books about it. That is the money driven street Hustler that is attractive. But, when you are pandering in the press for more attention and attempting to blow down someone’s house with a story about HOW JERMAINE O’NEAL slapped you on the ass, just move on. You have jumped the shark and your time is over.

The video for this is here… I didn’t bother to watch it, since what could it tell me that I already didn’t know? You could also just call the cops if you really felt assaulted by him. Why just post it on the internet? In one part of the video, I hear that she tells him that now this is all over the internet, like a blackmail scheme gone bad. Just sit down, continue to do your bizness, and keep it moving… no one has time for pettiness.

2 Responses to “HO, HO, HO…No little children, it’s not Santa, just another tired HOE looking for 15 more minutes of fame”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    made my day

  2. R2theD said

    Haha, way to make a comeback. Though I am at work, so I cant watch any of the attached vids.

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