Paul Pierce – put the pipe down!

July 29, 2008

As the NBA summer league kicks into full gear and players begin to look towards next season it seems that some NBA stars have been hitting the rock a bit too hard and running their mouth to the media.  Case-in-point: Paul Pierce’s latest interview while doing a hoops camp in Madrid:

“Q: Is Kobe really the best player in the world? Pierce: I don’t think Kobe is the best player. I’m the best player. There’s a line that separates having confidence and being conceited. I don’t cross that line but I have a lot of confidence in myself.”  (thanks to the yahoo hoops blog “Ball Don’t Lie” for this gem)

Seriously?  I mean, Pierce, a ten-year veteran of the league with one ring and ZERO MVP’s to his name has the audacity to challenge the best man to step on the court since Jordan?  Granted, Kobe has two more years of league experience (because he was NBA-ready straight out of high school, unlike a certain aforementioned Kansas Jayhawk) but he also has two more rings, four more finals appearances, and a nice little trophy that says “Most Valuable Player” on it.  What exactly does Pierce have?  An NBA finals MVP award?  Congrats Paul, you played well for 6 games, but may not have even been the MVP of the Celts over the full season (KG anyone?).  Add to this that Pierce is the most pathetic, injury-faking baby in the NBA (we all saw him crying like a small child while being hauled off the court by teammates, only to “miraculously” return and start banging threes) and you have the makings for the NBA’s most over-hyped player, perhaps, but certainly not the greatest.  Pierce needs to eat a slice of humble pie, kiss the rings (yes, once again, ringS – plural) and recognize how a true champion reps himself.  As my man Kobe says: “What I’m doing right now, I’m chasing perfection.”

5 Responses to “Paul Pierce – put the pipe down!”

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  2. Jesse said

    I couldn’t agree more with you on how Pierce overcame his “horrific” injury during the finals. Pathetic! Kobe plays through injuries like that.

    And yes, Garnet is MUCH more valuable than pierce to that team.

  3. viktorb said

    why does Kobe has 3 champioships?
    Oh, it is because of Shaq! The only reason Kobe has ever won an NBA Championship is because Shaq carried the Lakers.
    Kobe will never win another NBA Championship. We saw the result of the Kobe factor in this year’s NBA Finals.

  4. Erik said

    Oh Victor, I see you have been sharing the pipe with your man Paul. I will avoid the obvious grammar issue with your first sentence and get right to the arguments. While Shaq had a dominant role to play in the playoffs, one can hardly say that his contribution was much greater than the combined efforts of KG and Ray Ray. The presence of a dominant big man is the key to most playoff runs and the Celts had the better inside game this year. I’ll say it right now: the Celtics are a one-and-done kind of team. With the return of Bynum to the Lakers line-up the Celtics have no chance of a repeat. Paul Pierce will never win another championship, and the last time I checked 3 rings are better than one.

    Your sole discussion of rings also doesn’t really answer the multitude of reasons why Kobe is a better individual player than Pierce. The number of All-Star appearances, first and second team all-NBA awards, first and second team defense awards, and oh, how about that 81-point game? what is Pierce’s career high?

    I’m sure Steve, the resident Lakers fan here at Too Old, will have some other goodies to add, so I’ll end it with a suggestion: come correct before you try to formulate an argument against my posts.

  5. Steve said


    c’mon now, Shaq had the past day equivalent in Penny Hardaway and could not get it done. It took Kobe maturing into the superstar he is to get Shaq his rings as well. Pierce hadn’t sniffed much of the playoffs, not to mention an actual championship. Kobe has been pretty far with a lot less talented group.

    You ask 30 NBA GM’s to have a fantasy draft and 30 GM’s pick Kobe, even Danny Ainge. If you reverse the positions of the players, Pierce would not have been able to lead the Lakers past the Jazz. Remember the subpar series he was having early in the playoffs and KG was carrying the load for the C’s. Kobe was the best player, hands down in the playoffs and carried his team much father than what Pierce was able to do.

    The fact that you say there will never be another championship from Kobe is the very fuel that got Kobe, in the eyes of his peers (which is the best measure outside of coaching) the label of the best player in the league. We do not and have not ever heard anyone compare Paul Pierce and Jordan. We see and hear that with Kobe all the time. Pierce struggles to make the all-star team and/or being nominated as a starter. Kobe is a fixture at the game.

    Vik, your argument is just disproved. Revel in the joy of victory, since the C’s can’t repeat and no one is talking about them, since they are the third best team in the East. Pierce is also not as good as LeBron, so how is he and you running his/your mouth about Kobe? You are not even the best player on your own team…

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